the south shore bbq man

mobile bbq caterer


Proudly serving and making custom  bbq dishes

Wednesdays - Sundays

Founded in 2010 and located near historic Plymouth Rock and Plantation, in Carver MA/

The South Shore BBQ ManMobile Caterer produces some of the most delicious custom dishes on the South Shore. The South Shore BBQ Man has been working hard to stake his claim to be one of the best mobile barbecue caterers on the South Shore.

Making all of our Barbeque Rubs, Sauces in the house. We are 90% gluten free, we will not knowingly use GMO's in our products. When in the season we buy our produce from local farmers.

We try to produce food that is flavorful and memorable.

I don't try to give my food fancy names, just names that the average person is accustom to hearing.

When possible I prefer my customers to sample our products before ordering when conditions allow.

My prices are not cheap, nor expensive, I charge a premium price for a premium product.

I call my style of barbeque cooking " world cuisine", I can take a common recipe and make it my own, when I say my food is "spicy", I don't mean that it's hot,I mean that it has a flavor to it and that it will wow the taste buds in your mouth. I try to prepare food that all family members can eat. If you want your food to have a lot of heat, just ask and I'll fix it to your specifications.

In 2013 we were named #1 choice for mobile catering service in Carver MA by Wicked local People Choice Awards.

The South Shore BBQ Man Mobile Caterer is a family - owned business located Carver MA and uses a commercial kitchen space in Kington Ma. to Prep food for service. Other companies may offer similar services, but, our services are the one of the best and come with a personal touch